Funky Rocker Extreme DP Upgrade Plans

Do-It-Yourself is now Double the Fun!

Funky Rocker™ Extreme DP Upgrade Plans are complete plans to upgrade your Original Funky Rocker™

(See Funky Rocker Design Plans - Item 11092076)

Funky Rocker™ Extreme DP Upgrade Plans Double your fun. These upgrade plans transform Funky Rocker™ into a mind-blowing DOUBLE PENETRATION orgasm machine. Funky Rocker™ Extreme DP is BOTH your new best friend AND his kinky twin brother. Extreme DP provides ALTERATING vaginal and anal penetration, adjustable to your comfort, using your favorite toys. You know you or your partner have always wanted to experience the ecstasy of a simultaneous vaginal / anal DP encounter, but without the awkward, “who will I ask to join us?”, and “will I hurt his feelings?”, and “who was better?” Q&A; the only question now is who called “Backseat !” first. These upgrade plans also add an attach point for handcuffs, and under seat clearance for thigh cuffs (restraints) to add that EXTREME KINKY flavor to your Funky Rocker™ (as if it needed more flavor). Last, but certainly not least, these plans upgrade the current vacuum-lock mount to also permit the use of most flare base dildos. Your toy selection is now endless with this truly universal toy mount for both anal and vaginal toys. So, DP All Night, if you can stay conscious that long.

Funky Rocker™ Extreme DP Upgrade Plans are provided in common PDF format, like the Original Funky Rocker™ Design Plans. These plans are full size, and include all dimensions, notes, and parts lists so you can get started upgrading right away. NOTE: These upgrade design plans ONLY INLCUDE THE ADDITIONAL component drawings and bill-of-material to upgrade your Funky Rocker. You will need to refer to your original Funky Rocker Design Plans, or purchase them simultaneously with the Funky Rocker™ Extreme DP Upgrade Plans (the upgrade plans are not usable on their own). Sorry, we don't manufacture Funky Rockers at this time - we only provide you the plans to build one yourself.

We're always looking for fun ideas for new or improved designs. Share a photo of your completed Funky Rocker™ or Extreme DP upgrade, make a suggestion for an improvement or new idea, send us a question, or just tell us how we're doing. Email us at

What you get:

>Available for immediate download (Purchase with "Buy Now" button below)
>Printable full size PDF format
>30 pages with index
>Complete Bill-of-Material for both English and Metric hardware
>Assembly and finishing details
>Dimensional information for every fabricated part (English and Metric)

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USD 8.99

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